Said the man:
You are a pleasant sight young lady,
Oh please be the mother of my baby.
I have searched in many small towns,
But all the girls greet me with frowns.
I have gathered much land and wealth,
Now I wish for a wife and good health.

Said the lady:
I will never be wife to any man,
I am laid waste just as my home land.
See here this black cooking pot,
Like it, I have endured many fires hot.
There are many thoughts that fill my head,
None that approves a man in my bed.

Said the man:
What creates such bitter acrimony?
Every girl dreams of her wedding ceremony.
I am a gentle and generous brother,
If you let me I shall fill you with wonder.
Your fierce protest makes me curious,
Tell me what it is that makes you furious.

Said the lady:
On earth there has never walked a good male,
If I could I would give them all up for sale.
My mother told me I had no father,
For he abandoned her and took her laughter.
She told her father a man had made her pregnant,
Quickly he cast her from his home like remnant.

Said the man:
The acts of these men surely were wrong,
Indeed I feel they ought to be hung.
I could never bring hurt to those, whom I love,
Why, it would cause too many problems to solve!
And yet this is not enough explanation,
For your hatred of the entire male population.

Said the lady:
I have not grown out of reason,
To prefer my company in and out of season.
My childhood friend married, her heart throb,
And soon left her friends to become a rich snob.
Sadly not long after I received news with gloom,
Of how sweet heart beat her daily black and blue.

Said the man:
A monster, surely this is who you describe,
Sadly many fellows are guilty of such crime.
I am desperate to have you believe,
That over no woman could I ever raise whip.
You must have of your mother been taught,
Let every man on his own merit be judged.

Said the lady:
I am tempted to laugh out from scorn,
At thought of merit in man you mention.
If I could choose between man and the devil,
I would say surely man is more evil.
When I think of my rapist’s cursed face,
I conclude that the devil is chaste.

Said the man:
Oh this grieves me my dear innocent sister,
Such a suffering is much too sinister.
I have heard of victims of violence and rape,
And how soldiers consider this madness a game.
I cannot and won’t speak for any such pervert,
I only know that bad men will face regret.

Said the lady:
Let there on all men be placed a vile curse,
Oh that the bloodline of their wicked gender burst.
The rage I feel transforms daily into crippling fury,
My fantasies grow with pictures of that man I must bury.
He laughed in blood thirsty zeal and mirth,
When he ripped my belly and killed my baby before birth.

Said the man:
There is a great evil under the sun,
It is the day when deep hatred was born.
I can but only imagine the pain and ache you endure,
However vengeance doth never peace or good secure.
I have tasted pleasure and I have felt deep sorrow,
Still I know never to give up on my tomorrow.

Said the lady:
I have no memories of a good day or time,
It is hard to accept that tomorrow will be fine.
I was a comfort woman in a war prisoners’ camp,
The men took their turns then pushed me to sleep in cold damp.
Natures favoured specie have brought me naught but torture,
Think not that I will thoughts of friendship nurture.

Said the man:
I fear that I have ventured much too deep,
In a matter of a bleeding heart devoid of peace.
This is not the time for proposal making,
Rather I wish there could be hope of peacekeeping.
There is no more prisoners’ camp for the war is long ended,
You give bad memories power because of your mind’s dependence.

Said the woman:
For you perhaps the war has ceased,
I am still in vicious battle steeped.
Daily displaced, I face abuse of my frail feminity,
Likened to a lower animal they take my humanity.
I have no land to till but must exchange dignity for life.
Say not “the war is ended” for each day is full of strife.

Written as a tribute to all women victims of rape, war and violence. March 3, 2009.


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