Upward mobile …downward spiral

Busy, buzzing, always running

Hustle, bustle movement and scuffle

Never stopping, not even briefly pausing

Just to feel this world of truth for

All around us, human faces tell a story

Not even sounds can hide or bury.


Sits a beggar’s eyes downcast,

In weary face a sad glance at still despair

What act will bring a change at last!


The beautiful face of hopeful youth

Innocent eyes adorned to greet opportunity

Oh for strength and blessed serenity…


A worried brow crossing wide road

Anxious in the face of paths unseen

Who will tell of the most ultimate goal?


Tired frown, dropping eyes, a dusty crease

What long journey and oft familiar sorrow

Beg this one wait for the joy of tomorrow.


There is an untold story in every face

The mouth covers many truths

Red lips, pink lips, black lips and blue

Bury much and tell bold lies

But the eyes are forever bound to reveal

The truth and mirrored soul behind thin glass.

Faces tell a story even a million words cannot

I wish we’d stop from self made bustle…

And cause wounded hearts to heal!

 5TH April 2009, (on a road journey from Abuja to Jos).



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