Why are the stars so far from me

Even though I see them so clearly

So high, so bright

Stark, blinding naked sight

Each sparkle ushers lofty dreams

Dark curtains diamonds blink unseen,

 Stirring inwards a wistful scene

Sad, they never notice me

Or heed sad drops of eyes lumnicense

When will come my day of brilliance?

When step I bold into my glory dance?

I too wish the crowd beneath

I too dream of deafening cries

I too crave a household name

I too long for soaring dizzying heights

May this thirst be light in the groping dark.

Should my path lie in a page

Bid me then fair chance to knowledge

But if the fates await in home and labour

Only pray I for swift timeous chance

I too shall be a sweet smelling rose in the centre of the field!



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