It stretches on forever

 White canvass of nothing

Stark, vast, endless

Against colours of expectations.

Thoughts aglow, undying embers

Of stubborn hopes burning

Flooded by towering waves of

Cresting, billowing dreams.

I am temporary suspended

In fantasies soft, well blended

Into future reality picture carved.

Eager eyes aloft placed

Will I seek divine being’s approval

Earnest thoughts violent careen

In desperate prayers, fears, supplications, pleas

Fervency lies in mind’s desperate bid

If from outward display calm hid

I am helpless saturated in longing,

No more satisfied in present belonging.

Eyes constant rove, questing, seeking

Compelling perfect timing’s sluggish answer

Hands stretched out wanting

Good fortune opportunity’s clasp.

Raise your glass in celebration

Heartily laugh, dance your salutation

When good news comes…a tree

Here ends our waiting.

Only now…make way return

To paths afore scripted

Settle down never contented

Spurn rest, zealous zest keep churning

Ever watchful desire burning

Be vigilant, lie awaiting…


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