I stare eyes fixed, glued to glass,

Heart swells expanding in anticipation,

Hot blood bubbles, pulse darting excited,

Mind battles annoyed frustration of winding road

Lush greenery struggles, still holds no delight

Orange glows setting sun fondly urging me on

White clouds form big billowy hands of welcome

Tall palm trees wave remind their constant friendship

Straining sight searching old familiar sign posts… Joy

comes instant as recognition hits blue roof!

I will the wheel’s engine steer faster…

I hear loud welcome greetings in my head,

Eagerly sniff wafting steaming scents of meal awaiting

Sizzling pan, spoon stirring, delicious loves seasoning.

I see the warm glow of long familiar porch light,

Shifting shadows sentinel shrubs, cast by full moon bright

Enveloped in weight of bone crushing happy hugs

Deaf ears hear delighted screams of booming voices pending

A tidal rush of love floods from deep within…

Oh I am eager for my home!


[Written July 2009, on the journey home from Jos to Ibadan, upon conclusion of NYSC]


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